UdE featuring CCNR, IBM Smart City, MoBS, Senseable City Lab & many other!!

22 Jun
Here we are!!
Finally we have the names of professors who will make this school experience unique and unforgettable!
Mauro Martino (Center for Complex Network Research, Northeastern University) – Urban Interaction Design
Eric Baczuk (Senseable City Lab)
•Nicola Perra –  MoBS (Northeastern University) – Complex networks and the network theory
•Emanuele Strano – LASIG, EPFL
•Francesco Calabrese – IBM Smart City
•Luigi Farrauto (Density Design Lab – Politecnico Milano) – Wayfinding
Olivier Liechti (HEIG-VD) – Pervasive computing
Daniel Rappo (HEIG-VD –  Graphic Mapping Semiology
•Florence Joerin (HEIG-VD) –  Participatory processes and land use
•Luc Tomasetti (Municipalité YlB) – Flow management in the city and the new law on signage confederal
•Jean-Mark Sutterlet (Municipalité YlB) – The Smart City, the urban sensors, data management
•John Aubert (URBAT – Municipalité YiB) – Urban planning of the “smart” city
•Dominique Faesch (ADNV) – Tourism Strategy and weaknesses North Vadois
Sandy Wetzel (Y Parc) – Incubator et Y Parc
•Marc Atallah (Maison d’Ailleurs)
•Michele Vianello (Vega Park – Venice) – An intelligent city … and its relationship to water
Stay tuned to find the full program of the UdE 2012!!

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