2012: the fourth edition of UDE, an annual event who turns for an entire month the city of Yverdon les Bains  in a open air laboratory.
After a first week of lectures, conferences and discussions, with professors and professionals from all around the word, concepts and ideas become reality in the tree weeks of workshop.
During the all month professors and the heads of the various areas of city development, urban planning, tourism work closely with students, answering at their questions and needs, transforming a simple concept in a real project that responds to the actual needs of a city in constant movement and evolution.
All this is possible thanks to the Municipality of YlB that in the last four years decided to invest in research and innovation, creating a new academic formula: the UdE.
This is makes this course unique!
Watch the video and the presentation of past years to find out what has been done in the past editions!!



Each student should apply by sending the application form available online in the “Download” area on https://yverdonlesbainsfuture.wordpress.com.
The e-mail address that will be used for sending data, will be used for all further communication.


The inscription cost is of 250CH that include the enrolment for the Université d’Eté and meals and accommodation on site for the all month.



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